Paul Mills

Producer & Musican
Paul Mills

Paul Mills is an award-winning producer and performer from ‘The Millstream’. His experience and expertise in arranging and mixing have brought the music alive. He is a master at capturing the seed of a tune and developing it into a fully produced song. As a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, his playing sparkles and always compliments the other musicians.

He recently received the prestigious Estelle Klein Award for lifetime achievement.  Details and a biographical video can be found on the Roots Music Canada website here.

Paul’s solo CD is called The Other Side of the Glass and it features a fifty-fifty mix of finger-style guitar instrumentals and songs (most of which were written by Paul).

[quote]“Whether he’s on stage, in the studio, or jamming with friends into the night, Paul always brings with him a keen sense of musicality and enthusiasm that adds life to the music.”
Bill Garrett[/quote]

Credits on Banjo Suite 2: Guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, triangle, Keyboard, electric bass