Paul Odegaard

Banjo, percussion

Paul started playing bluegrass/folk music on banjo and guitar in high school in London Ontario and joined The Balladeers. The band performed locally in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan and toured Scotland and Sweden in 1965. Over the years The Balladeers met for reunions and in 1999 we recorded a compilation CD It’s About Time at ‘The Millstream’ in the Toronto home and studio of the band leader Paul Mills. By that time Odegaard had started composing tunes on the banjo and Mills, a sought after music producer, was sufficiently impressed with the tunes that he set aside time to record Banjo Suite in 2000. Paul O continued to compose, and after a long hiatus, collaborated with Mills again in 2013 to produce Banjo Suite 2 – Further Explorations.

I have many more tunes in various stages of development and hope to have Banjo Suites 3 and 4 before I fade into the wilderness.
~ Paul Odegaard

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